About Bager

Since 2005, BAGER has become a recognized brand in the plastic kitchen and bathroom products sector, known for its consistent growth and innovative approach.
The company’s growth stems from having a talented design team internally. Each product, carefully designed by this expert team, is manufactured in its modern facility in Istanbul Hadımköy. With a closed area of 15,000 m2, this facility not only emphasizes design but also prioritizes quality in the production processes. From raw material selection to the production line, and packaging stage, BAGER maintains the highest quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

BAGER has made a name for itself not only in Turkey but also internationally. Taking significant steps in the export sector, the company manufactures its products in accordance with international health and quality standards, securing a strong position in the global market. Currently, it exports to more than 75 countries, steadily progressing towards becoming a global player.

The core objective of BAGER is to merge aesthetics and functionality while ensuring customer satisfaction. Our stylish designs not only beautify homes but also stand out for the health-conscious features of our products. In the future, we will continue our customer-centric approach, offering unique experiences to our customers through innovative and quality products.

BAGER is determined to take a pioneering role in the plastic kitchen and bathroom products sector with its forward-looking strategic vision. In the future, the company aims to expand its product portfolio by keeping up with technological innovations and providing solutions that align with users’ lifestyles. Embracing innovative materials and production techniques, BAGER plans to offer products that not only excel in durability and aesthetics but also prioritize environmental sustainability.

As BAGER, we are committed to adding value to our customers, improving their quality of life, and offering products in line with our environmental responsibilities. Focusing on principles of quality, innovation, and sustainability, we aim to further strengthen our leadership position in the industry.


BAGER, rapidly growing variety of products, creates all designs with its own team and manufacturing 15.000 m2 covered area in Hadımköy, Istanbul From every stage of production, from design to raw material selection, from production band to packaging, quality is the most important factor.


BAGER has progressed in the field of exporting with serious steps and today exports to more than 75 countries with products that comply with international health and quality norms.

As BAGER, our main aim is to produce products that keep the health of our customers at the same time while taking place in your houses with stylish designs.